Essay On Pearl Harbor

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Peter #18 History Report WWII Report 1. Pearl Harbor- Pearl Harbor is located at Oahu, Hawaii. On the morning of December 7th, 1941, the Japanese Imperial Navy attacked Pearl Harbor, in an effort to stop the United States from being able to respond to Japan’s attack of nations near the Pacific Ocean for the valuable resources they held (including oil and rubber, which were not found in Japan). Japan had been invading China and other islands in the Pacific Ocean for natural resources, and on July 7, 1937 the Second Sino-Japanese War began. The United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union sent aid to China in the form of money and other valuable materials. In addition to sending economic aid to China, the United States also stopped the export of many items to Japan. Oil and gas, along with many needed items were no longer exported to Japan. The United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union failed to reach an agreement with Japan about what land Japan would have to leave and not take over. Because of this, Japan feared the United States would get further involved. To prevent the United States from having a large navy in the Pacific Ocean, the attack on Pearl Harbor was ordered. This was viewed as the best option to deal with the United States navy. After receiving approval from the Japanese Emperor and high ranking Japanese military officials, six aircraft carriers with over 400 Japanese aircraft departed from Japan on November 26, 1941. The pilots that flew these panes were instructed to target battleships and high priority ships like aircraft carriers over other targets. Because of Pearl Harbor’s geography though, it was difficult to use torpedoes in the shallow water in which the battleships were located. ... ... middle of paper ... ...and therefore fell onto the ground. The Japanese soldiers shot or beheaded these people, and beat people who slowed down while marching. Some of the Filipino prisoners were able to escape and pretend to be part of the local population. Many people who tried to escape were shot before they could get away though. When they finally arrived at Balanga, poor conditions resulted in rapid spread of diseases which killed hundreds more. Later, the prisoners of war were crammed onto trains and shipped to Capas. Many hundreds of people died on these trains because of the poor conditions. Once at Capas, the people not already killed walked almost 10 more miles to Camp O'Donnell. Thousands of prisoners died from disease here. Later, a court ruled that this was a Japanese war crime, and some Japanese leaders involved in the march were executed. 4. Holocaust
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