Essay On Orphan Abuse

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Keeyan Haghshenas
Period 3
Miss Mackin English II CPE

The Orphan Abuse

When a child is orphaned it a traumatic experience, that will often leave the child in a state of depression and sorrow. Most of the time the pain does not stop there, the child will be sent to an orphanage or foster home where they will experience abuse both mentally and physically. When a child is placed into a foster home or orphanage, they are taken out of what is considered a hostile environment in hopes they will be placed into a safer home. Unfortunately the child is then usually forced to live under even worse conditions, which include abuse from other children and even the supervisors. The effects of the physical abuse on the child will negatively affect the child's mental state. These mental effects could also be connected to the amount of crimes that are committed by orphans after they leave the care of the orphanage. Another problem that the children face after being released from the orphanage, is if they have children they will inflict the same amount of torture that they faced as a child. These problems are becoming more and more frequent all over the world, especially third world countries where child abandonment is already a problem. This could be related to the mental abuse that is inflicted on the children. The fact that when children are taken from their homes and put into foster care they are often put into a life of physical and mental abuse during their care, along with the effects of increased rates of crime after they are released from foster care.
A death in the family is tragic and often leave the children of the family in a state of depression, often then the children have to be taken from their homes to unknowingly endu...

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... family will evidently cause problems, though when it directly affect the living situation of the children it could have devastating results. When the children are moved out of their homes and into foster care they will face many difficulties that were unexpected. The difficulties they face will make it harder for them to assimilate back into society as they continue their lives. They difficulties they face include mental abuse, physical abuse and the increasing amounts of crime committed as they progress in years. These actions put upon the children will usually make them outcasts from society. This is all put on top of the loss of a parent or loved one that cared for the child, causing more guilt and grief. Assimilation into society after any trauma is difficult, though it is exceptionally difficult after experiencing the abuse that most orphans go through.
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