Essay On Organizational Culture

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The topic of organizational culture starts with defining organization that is a group of people working side by side in other to achieve a goal and this involves the culture, to have to enough knowledge to maintain a balance with cultures implementing the right tools in other to succeed. Through history we saw a lot of theories that talked differently in managing the organizational part and the people itself. Having in mind that the organizational cultures need to take in consideration de cultural, ethics and decision making techniques.
Culture and Ethics on Decision Making, This is an important part for this topic because in order to succeed you need to understand this factors that change in every culture and if you fail in this part you fail in all the process. The discussion of moral and ethics need to be consider because is a critical part that you need to be clear. The cultural part is essential in all the organizational areas, involving also the jobs and design of jobs and all the theories like the scientific management. This part is also very important because is the part that shows all the types of work that you can implement and though an analysis you can choose the correct one showing a mechanistic point of view of the jobs and also the motivational part that is very important and involves factors like Higher job satisfaction, Higher motivation creating Greater job involvement having a Higher job performance and Lower absenteeism and other aspects. Organizational culture mixes all organizations experience, expectation and all the values that manage a organization and hold it together and expresses in the inner management and interactions with the outer world. Sharing attitudes beliefs custom and the rules that has been...

... middle of paper ... to interact with other person in a best way. Understanding the cultures and differences that we all have and take those differences and managed them the best possible so you doesn’t create a miss understanding. Know how to control and work with other person that have different thoughts and ideas and try to work with them to achieve the same goal. Putting passion in what you belief would give you good results and personal satisfaction. Trust yourself and your ideas and express them the best as possible. Believing in your self would give you a better scenario and you would do things easier. Talk and be integrated with other cultures. That is a important part to learn from other cultures may guide you and give you knowledge in the international scenario. Don’t be afraid to transpass the frontiers because is a whole world of opportunities waiting outside.
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