Essay On Organic Agriculture

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Introduction Organic agriculture is one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing sectors of the global food industry. ‘Organic foods are grown with a commitment to respect biological and ecological processes’ (Kortbech-Olesen, 1998). There are many organic agricultural products such as tea, coffee, cocoa, rice, spice, vegetables, tropical fruit and citrus fruit. Before that this market only was a small market focusing on small group of customer or very niche market and became a billion market sectors in 2004. Now people awareness about healthy, safety and environmental issue was increased (Ellis et al., 2006). Thailand was a major export of tropical fruits, vegetable and rice to European markets. EU was the major import market for rice; customer seeking for higher rice quality and organic rice because of health-food trend was growing. This was a good opportunities for the suppliers in developing countries such as Thailand, the top largest of rice producing and exporting in the world, to attend the market (CBI, 2010). My international business opportunity is export organic rice to European countries. This essay aim to identify international business opportunity and apply two concepts that have discussed in International Entrepreneurship class. First concept is niche marketing; focused on the specific consumer needs market. This market has high value and profits because customer willing pay the company that best satisfies their needs. The quality of product is the maim factor for this mark get rather than product price. Second concept is born global, the newly established business that go international immediately or very nearly. Niche market is a one trend that can clarify born global and widely use. It is necessary to set the marke... ... middle of paper ... ...he product to market need in the most important to create the competitive advantage. It will build the barrier to protect the company from the new competitor and help to survive in the market. Conclusion In conclusion, European people have increase demands in organic rice. At the beginning, the organic agriculture market was small. After a few years later this market has growing very rapidly because of healthy food trend. People care more about what they eat, they willing to pay more to buy the products with high quality. Thailand is the main organic rice exporter to European countries. Germany, Austria and Greece are the top three countries that have the highest consumption of organic food because they concern about their health risk from contaminant. Event though, the organic products are high price but the consumers willing to pay for their safety food.
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