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Oprah Winfrey the one and only Oprah, the name that a majority of 7.442 billion people of the world can signify who she is.The incredible Oprah Winfrey known for continuously giving in addition, her trueful love for other people. No doubt she would never be afraid to speak up, and stand up for what she believes in no matter what others think. Oprah Winfrey, beautiful strong black amazing women. Mississippi Kosciusko, down deep in the south where she was born on January 29, 1954. Oprah Winfrey as a little girl was sexually abused by close family and also friends of the family. After words as she got older Oprah Winfrey went to Tennessee State University, in 1971 to go into working television and radio broadcasting in Nashville. Later on, Oprah Winfrey moved to Baltimore to host the show called "People are talking". Which she counted to host for 8 years, as well as"A.M. Chicago". Meanwhile to top it all off Oprah Winfrey had the competition of the named"Phil Donahue". Besides that as many know Oprah Winfrey played one of the leading roles in the spontaneous movie "The Color Purple"....

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