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Mediterranean Basin was always known for its suitable climate and soil parameters for olive trees. Thus, the highest amount of olive oil production is based exactly in this region. During last decades Spain is the world`s top producer and exporter of olive oils and table olives, with more than 300 million of olive trees on its lands (Country profile-IOC, 2013). Most of the production accounts to the area of Andalusia.

The olive oil produced in Spain goes to both the domestic and foreign markets. With average production of more than 1 million tons of olive oil per year, from year 2007 till 2013, country exports over 150 thousand tons per year (World Olive Oil Figures-IOC, 2013). The main destinations of export in European Union are Italy, France, Portugal, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. The main destinations for Spain’s exports outside the European Union were the United States, Australia, Japan, Brazil, China, Russia, Mexico and South Korea (Eurostat, 2009).

According to Economic analysis of the olive sector (European Commission, 2012) a...
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