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Are you really capable of changing your fate? In the book Oedipus that is his main goal. He spends his whole life running away from his destiny. Oedipus kills his father and lays in the bed with his mother as his father did before him. Oedipus never meant for this to happen. Oedipus had such a bad day when the first crime was committed. He wanted to help people, how could he have known that he was the one who started the problem he was trying to solve. Oedipus did everything in his power and that makes him innocent. Oedipus was innocent when he killed his birth father, but he couldn’t change his fate. When Oedipus left his hometown he was emotionally unstable. He was upset after hearing his fate given to him by apollo and finding out that the people he was living with may not be his real parents. They denied this after being confronted, but still filled with emotions he knew the only way to avoid his fate was to leave town. “I contained myself that night, though I felt anger And a sinking heart.” (Sophocles 737-738). On his way out of town he came across men in his path. The told him to get out of their way, after refusing they approached him and as he was upset he ended up killing all of them. He killed strangers on that path not knowing that one of them was his actual father. How can one be accused of killing his father if that person never knew who his true father was. He never wanted this to happen, but fate always has its way. Oedipus was distracted and blinded by power. He never knew that the man who committed this crime was himself. He was a honest and just man who actually wanted to put an end to this murderer. After he arrived in the city he was brought to power because he solved the Sphinx’s riddle. “Let us rise, child... ... middle of paper ... ...t man. One who never truly committed the crimes he was accused of. At least not knowingly. Oedipus knew of his prophecy and did what he could to prevent it. Oedipus ran away from his family. He knew the prophecy and knew that it couldn’t come true if he never saw his family again. Oedipus came across a man in his path who was a jerk to him and resulted in Oedipus killing him. Oedipus never meant to kill his birth father but he just didn’t have it in him to deal with this person in the low point in his life. Oedipus even tried to help the city in his new life but that leaded to his own end. Finding out that he didn't kill a stranger, but a kind. In the end it was fate that lead to this unavoidable life. Whatever Oedipus did he would have killed his father and slept with his mother. Don’t be so quick to judge some are accused of crimes they were unaware of committing.

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