Essay On Obamacare

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Stop using the affordable care act Most developed countries have some sort of a universal healthcare system. The United States however now uses Obamacare. The American government should stop using Obamacare because of the increased cost, loss of benefits, and how much damage it has done to the economy. The American people have become stripped of their past healthcare’s benefits. One of the examples of lost benefits is the loss of spousal insurance. Instead of having the insurance provided through their companies they were forced to terminate the family’s healthcare and switch to Obamacare (Senator Ted Cruz ¶ 14). When families had to switch to Obamacare they lost benefits that were given to them over time with their previous healthcare provider. This is making ordinary American citizens who previously had a good source of healthcare drop everything to switch to something that doesn’t have as much or any benefits for them taking away everything they have earned. The supporters of the affordable health care act believe that health care is a basic human right yet they are actually taking away right/benefits with the new reform. (Affordable care act ¶ 9). Many republicans completely disagree with the usage of the affordable care act. Many of them stated that they “refuse to approve any government spending law that would allocate funding to the controversial health care reform program” (government shutdown ¶2). The newest controversy of the affordable care act is contraception. Obamacare is trying to make it a mandate that companies supply their customers with some form of birth control. Hobby lobby a family run company spoke out against Obamacare saying that it violates religious freedoms and takes away religious beliefs (high court ... ... middle of paper ... hiring more part time workers than full time workers. They want to do this in order to reduce the number of benefits to give out. Because of some of these events the economy has suffered or will suffer. In order to fix this America needs to revise the Obamacare reform to reduce spending and not attack jobs. The Obama administration believes this is the key to future healthcare success for all Americans. Others believe that it will not work because of the increased cost, loss of benefits, and how much damage it has done to the economy. The American people need to understand the affordable care act is not the answer for the future of America. The people should understand that the affordable care act will be the total downfall of the American government and its people. America you need to get up and go fight against the new reform and stop it before it is too late.
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