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Emotional Intelligence And Reflective Practice Are Integral Component Of Building A Therapeutic Relationship In Nursing
Emotionalintelligence simply means is an ability to perceiveaccess and manage one’s own, other and group’s emotions. It is often related to empathy and compassion (Naidu 2014). It is very important because it builds asuccessful humanrelationship. Emotional intelligencealso establishes therapeutic relationship between a nurse and patient relationship. Toprevent this, nurses need to adopt strategies to protect their health. Therapeutic interaction in simple words it meansis a way of communication between a nurse and a client .This is very important because it helps a nurse better understand about their client more properly .
Self-awareness as a nurse in relation to patient simply means to develop authentic congruent and open with patient (stein-parbury, 2000). Increasing the client’s self-awareness is achieved through establishing a trusting relationship that allows the clients to openly explore feelings. Open exploration can make the situation less threatening for the client and encourage behaviours that expands a person’s awareness of self. Encouraging the client’s self-exploration is achieved by respecting theclient’s feelings and thoughts, by helping the client to clarify interaction with others and by being empathetic. Helping the client to evaluate themselves involves working with the client to define problem clearly and to identify positive and negative coping mechanisms. The nurse works closely with the clients in analysing adaptive and malaclaptive responses, exploring different alternatives and discussing outcomes. Helping the client establish realistic goals involves encouraging the clie...

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...the situation which they are going through by these nurses will understand the client’s feelings or problem more properly. Also we as nurses should also empower our client or what is good and bad about health.
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