Essay On Normality And Abnormality

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How can you define Normality and Abnormality when there is a lot of cross over of people trying to define what is normal and what isn’t normal. in psychology there is requirements people have to meet to see if they are normal or abnormal, there is many ways on how to try and figure out what is right and what is wrong through symptoms and also statistical deviation but also social norms. but they are all have faults and are not fully reliable due to changes in society and how people perceive other people. Jahoda came up with these requirements of being normal called the mental health model of normality such as the absence of mental illness, realistic self-perception and contact with reality, A strong sense of identity and positive self-esteem, Autonomy and Independence, Ability to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships such as capacity to love, ability to cope with stressful situations and capacity for personal growth and self-actualisation. evaluation of these criteria has many issues wrong with it. The majority of people would be categorised as “abnormal” if the criteria for what constitutes “physical health” but it is almost impossible to establish and agree on what constitutes “psychological health” as everyone has different opinions on what is normal and what isn’t, According to Szasz in 1962 psychological normality and abnormality are culturally defined concepts, which are not based on objective criteria. each cultural has different ways of doing activities that a western cultural might see as abnormal but an asian cultural might see it as normal, like eating bugs for example. Taylor and Brown in 1988 argue that the view that a psychologically healthy person is one that maintains close contact with reality is not in l... ... middle of paper ... ...hological disorders. Psychological disorders may be defined and diagnosed in different ways across cultures and what seems to be a psychological disorder in one culture it may not be seen in the same way in another culture. this indicates that it is impossible to set universal standards for classifying a behaviour as abnormal. this has been seen with the DSM and how they are on edition 5, this indicates that the world changes. There is no real way to tell what is normal and what is abnormal and most of how people are defining it is based on opinions and they can never be defined as every cultural has a different way of working out different problems and depending on the available resources how to fix the problems. There is no right way to say what is normal and what is abnormal as people have different ways of seeing activities and how they want to fix them or not.
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