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Nikola Tesla
Have you ever walked into a room, turned on a light, and wondered, “Who gave us the ability to do this?” Nikola Tesla is the man’s name. He invented Alternating Current, or AC, which is the electrical system that we use to power our world today. In this paper, I will be describing a few of Nikola Tesla’s innovations and how they inspired and impacted our way of life.
Before I start on his inventions, I will give a bit of history on the man that lit our world. Tesla was born July 10, 1856. He was born in an area that is now known as Smiljan, Croatia. It is said that while his mother was mid-birth, there was a fierce lightning storm. The maiden called this a bad omen and Tesla’s mother responded with, “No, this will be a
Tesla designed and invented the tesla coil in 1891. The tesla coil is used to transmit- high electricity and high frequency using the rotating magnetic field, and Alternating Current similar to the design he used for the rotating magnetic field. Tesla often experimented using two or sometimes three of the coils. He wanted to pursue these new devices to bring about innovations and discoveries. Tesla was also going to use them to help deliver free energy to the people. He envisioned and believed the Earth to be a big magnet of transmitting electricity. He thought the only thing missing from it was basically a receiver. But his tesla coils helped him bring about the invention of electrical lighting, his very used and widely-known x-ray, electrotherapy, and as I have previously stated, this was his first step at trying to receive energy from the earth. Today, the tesla coil is used for amusement and in some cases, they are used to identify leaks in a vacuum system. So how does the tesla coil work? They start off with a simple spark to set it off. Oscillators, I believe I mentioned them in the history of Tesla, they are basically used to help deliver an oscillating current. The oscillator helps the coils produce currents that can range anywhere from 50 kilovolts to several million volts of electricity. This is what your typical mad scientist use in things such as Frankenstein. Except for Tesla was a very real version of those mad scientists. The tesla coil also had a capacitor in it, they are used to store an electrical current that bursts out to help it create a stronger voltage. I have also read that there is something in it called a spark gap which is a switch in the coil to turn it on. Since I have let you know what the machine consists of, I will now discuss the operation cycle. First, the transformer sends high voltages up to the capacitor. There is something called a breakdown voltage there.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains nikola tesla invented alternating current, or ac, which is the electrical system that we use to power our world today.
  • Explains that tesla was born in smiljan, croatia, and his mother made a few household inventions, which inspired him to become an inventor. tesla viewed edison's direct current as inefficient and expensive.
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