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557 words

The New England Colonies are best known as the destination for Puritan religious reformers which included a colder environment with different animals and crops grown that that of the Chesapeake Colonies. New England Colonies were based off of a more family social circle as opposed to the Chesapeake colonies were indentured servants were imported as labor workers, as a result from families taking control of farms, a more natural population growth as developed in contrast the Chesapeake colonies had to repeatedly rely on indentured servants and slaves as labor workers, and lastly New England colonists grew crops mainly for consumption while the Chesapeake colonists grew cash crops used primarily for trade. First and foremost, New England had a varied structure of labor workers than that of the Chesapeake colonists. New Englanders had a steady supply of whole families being transported looking for freedom and land while the Chesapeake system of labor included a powerful man controlling indentured servants as labor. “New England farmers had to rely on their own families for the labor to build their especially demanding farms...In the richer Chesapeake, where an …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Compares the new england colonies with the chesapeake colonies in terms of animals and crops grown.
  • Explains that new england had a varied structure of labor workers than that of the chesapeake colonists.
  • Concludes that new england had a more natural, progressive population growth as opposed to the chesapeake region.
  • Analyzes how the different crops grown in each colony provided to be beneficial in their own colonies. new england farmers focused more on crops for consumption while the chesapeake region focused mainly on selling the crops.
  • Compares new englanders and chesapeake colonists, who had to import indentured servants as well as slaves to sustain a steady population.

New England had whole families moved from England where families were to work and populate the area. “New England colonists could pay their own way and emigrated as family groups...They also enjoyed a more even balance between the sexes… This healthier, longer lived, and more sex-balanced population sustained a rapid growth through natural increase, whereas in the Chesapeake and West Indies, only a continued human imports sustained growth” (Taylor 169,170). This shows how different populations were in each region. In conclusion, New England had a more sex-balanced population which allowed for substantial growth of the population instead of having indentured servants imported every year in the Chesapeake

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