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In the early 17th century, several factors in England caused the initial colonization to the eastern side of North America. The first English settlers in the New England region, the Puritans, immigrated to escape Anglican persecution while on the other hand, the initial English immigrants to the Chesapeake region migrated primarily to obtain wealth and escape the primogenitor system in England, which unfairly left all the families wealth in the hands of first son and nothing to the 2nd or 3rd son. The English settlers as a whole shared cultural and ethnic origins, however, the colonies they established would develop over time into two distinct societies based on distinct social, political, economic systems and motives for settlement. A primary …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that several factors in england caused the initial colonization to the eastern side of north america. the puritans immigrated to escape anglican persecution while the chesapeake immigrants migrated primarily to obtain wealth.
  • Explains that new england and chesapeake colonies developed differently due to the people who settled there and the effects they had that ultimately impacted the society.
  • Analyzes how the unique political systems in the new england and chesapeake colonies coincided with regional political differences.
  • Explains that new england and the chesapeake regions were different by 1700 due to the broad lifestyles of the settlers in the two colonies.

Virginia was not a safe or stable place because of the presence of fighting and political wars between the English colonies and the Dutch (Doc. G). In addition Nathaniel Bacon, a 29 wealthy planter, formed a rebellion against Governor William Berkeley's because of his refusal to retaliate for a series of Native American attacks on frontier settlements. , showcasing, as inferred from the “Manifesto that there was not only international wars they had to deal with but also civil war that was going on for control (Doc. H). The unique social differences in the New England and Chesapeake colonies coincided with regional political differences. In the New England colonies religion impacted politics greatly as economic and social laws were based on morals and religious principles. The impact religion had on politics was greatly evident especially in the “Articles of Agreement” and the “Wage and Price Regulations in Connecticut,” because both were based on the settlers agreeing with the rules and living by them by the name of god (Doc D & E). In addition, Puritans formed congregational governments led by ministers. While the corruption and ineptitude of the government led to wars and rebellions in the Chesapeake regions, religious Puritans formed unified, and stable congregational governments in New

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