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The country of Nepal is located in Asia, right below China and over India. The size of the country is 56,827 miles squared. As of 2016, the population of Nepal is 28,978,100. The capital city of Nepal is Kathmandu. It is the largest city in the country and the most populated as it holds one twelfth of the country’s population. Kathmandu has a rich history which has lasted more than two thousand years. Kathmandu has a lot of art that can be seen anywhere from parks to street corners. The art is normally of gods and goddesses. The main religions in Kathmandu is Hinduism and Buddhism. The art and architecture is built around the culture of these two religions. Many museums in Kathmandu hold art pieces from the 5th century to present…show more content…
The architecture and look of the city is so distinct that many Hollywood films will film there. Some include Seven Years in Tibet, Everest, and most recently Doctor Strange. Kathmandu is the source of most of Nepal’s tourism. It is one of the country’s most important industries. Archaeologists found Neolithic tools which suggest that there has been human life in Nepal for more than 11,000 years. The first recorded rulers were the Hindu Kiratis, whose first king was King Yalambar but little is known about most of the kings. In 300 AD, the Licchavis people overthrew the king and assumed power themselves. It is believed that they had left Bihar and defeated the Kirat king after losing their political fortune. The Licchavis ruled at the beginning of the Buddhist era. They were ruled by a king who had a prime minister, and other ministers. Their people provided taxes to support the government. The economy at the time relied on rice and other grains. Tibet and India traded with the Licchavi. It was the Licchavis who introduced cultural monuments and relics which can still be seen in some temples in Nepal. The Licchavis The Licchavis Empire died down eventually and a new dynasty came…show more content…
They were forced out of India, however when they got to Nepal, they had to deal with many problems including a terrible earthquake that killed over a third of the population. Sultan Shamsuddin Ilyas Shah invaded Nepal and destroyed many Hindu and Buddhist shrines. He also destroyed all of the temples in Kathmandu except for one, the Changu Narayan Temple because he could not locate it. The Malla’s reign in Nepal had three kingdoms ruling in Kathmandu Valley after the death of Jayasthitimalla. His sons split the kingdoms and ruled themselves. The way that they tried ruling was similar to how their grandfather ruled, however, eventually the brothers rebelled the way that they were ruling and decided to rule their own way. The three kingdoms had a strong rivalry that is very prominent in arts and culture. In Durbar Square, there are temples and buildings that are testament to the amount of money that the brothers spent trying to outdo one another. Prithvi Narayan Shah invaded Nepal in 1768 and unified the country. He was the first king during the Shah dynasty. Before Shah, Nepal had been divided because of the different kingdoms, so as Shah conquered the different kingdoms, he brought them together. As Shah unified

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