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Critical Essay: How does a negotiator recognise and capitalize on opportunities to create value?

The following essay provides a critical analysis of the topic, “How does a negotiator recognise and capitalise on opportunities to create value?”. To critically analyse this topic I have utilised literature to identify why value creation is important during negotiations, demonstrate how integrative and distributive strategies are utilised throughout negotiation theory and proposed solutions for negotiators to recognise and capitalise on opportunities to create value.

Humans negotiate for the purpose of capturing perceived value. Perception is a shifting frame and for negotiators, understanding and implementing strategies that
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However, Lax and Sebenius (1986) found there to be further individual benefits for those participants within negotiations who create value or improve the net result, as their ability to claim that value increases.

Negotiation theory scholars refer to value creation as integrative and value claiming as distributive. Integrative negotiation calls on negotiators to be effective in both dividing and creating value (Lax and Sebenius, 1986; Walton and McKersie, 1965). Historically, the notion of negotiation as distributive bargaining was deemed deficient because it failed to consider an important aspect of negotiations, specifically the potential for stuck issues to be undone by incorporating new and creative outcomes (Bartos, 1995).

Lax and Sebenius (1986) and Walton and McKersie (1965) advocate for negotiations to result in value being provided for both and each. To achieve this, Lempereur (2010) offers a hybrid of the two strategies, whereby participants aim to create value (integrative) first and claim value (distributive)
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Although this analogy infers negotiation theory only utilises a simple dichotomy of outcomes, Putnam (1990) asserts that integrative and distributive outcomes can not be simply gained as they are complex and require negotiators to remain

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