Essay On Negative Effects Of Television

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Television is one of the many available means for entertainment and it has become a big part of children’s lives. Television being on top of the list for entertainment can have some positive effects on development and behaviors in children but television and other media types can also negatively influence children’s perception of their own identities, gender roles, norms and behaviors.
The purpose of this paper is:
• To show the effects that television and other medias have on children’s perception of themselves, others and behaviors
• To show ways to effectively minimize or control television viewing and other media usage
• To guide parents

Television has been a part of our lives since the early 1920’s and beginning in the early 1960s, networks started broadcasting cartoons on weekend mornings. By the end of the decade, watching Saturday morning cartoons was a ritual in many homes to include my home too. I remember Howdy Doody, the Mickey Mouse club, Secret Garden, Sesame Street, the Electric Company, Captain Kangaroo, Hanna Bar-Berra and other programs. I remember those Lego Toy commercials; Rock ‘Em & Sock ‘Em Robots and Barbie commercials too. I remember running home after school just to watch my favorite Bugs Bunny show. I remember the pressures that I put on my parents to get the latest Barbie and Ken dolls just because I saw a commercial advertising the pair with dynamite outfits that I just had to have in addition to my collection of at least 20 outfits and shoes already.


Television has become the number one source for entertainment with video games, music videos and other media rapidly moving up in the ranks. Media is used as avenues for survival in some cases, and do ...

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...a good role Model, Parents don’t put a TV in your room and then deny your child the same luxury, television should be a family activity and limited to the living room or family room
• Never allow a television or radio to be played during family, homework or play time since these can be potential distractions
• TV and other media should be a privilege; it shoud be earned
• Talk to your children about television the good and the bad

In conclusion television, old and new media can highly impact our children’s lives, it can be a positive or a negative experience. It is up to us as parents to monitor our children’s usage whenever possible. Remember, children can be hard to recover once they are lost, utilize whatever time that you may have to be with them, have family game nights or read together, and know that it will be time well spent, your children need you.
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