Essay On Negative Effects Of Technology

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Technology is arguably one of the best and major advancements of our time. Slowly, technology has taken over our lives. It is now embedded in society, and most humans have interacted with technology in one way or another. Technology can be a very positive thing for humans, as it allows for communication and a gathering of information on a large scale. For example, people can communicate with their loved ones who are thousands of miles away with just the touch of a button. However, technology can also be very detrimental to society. Over time, the advancements in technology have attracted the attention of humans everywhere, Specifically, people have put much time and effort onto social media. It is incredible to believe how information can be spread worldwide in a matter of hours and…show more content…
Although this may seem to be a positive effect, the underlying effects of the internet and social media have been detrimental. Technology has been largely detrimental to society due to the considerable impact of the internet and social media on humans of every age. Social media and the internet as a whole have not been around for a long time. The internet became a large movement in the late 20th century, and millions of people had access to it by the year 2000. Over time, an incredible amount of people have had access to the internet and have incorporated it into their lives. Among these people, children have been a part of internet usage substantially. When thought about, children have had a very large increase in internet availability. Most schools have computers or technological devices available for students to use. In addition, most homes today have at least one technological device such as a tablet, computer, or smartphone. The problem with the large availability of the internet is that children are also
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