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In the average life of people around the world, it is not out of the ordinary to see someone (whether they be American, Japanese, Greek, British, ect.) eating food from the fast-food chain McDonalds (usually a burger) while playing a game or surfing the internet on an Apple Brand iPhone. With globalization at an all time high in the past two decades (mainly due to the rise of the internet being vastly integrated into our daily lives), these seemingly simple feats are easily accomplished in even the most remote areas of the world. The effects are not all positive, however. As with most things, globalization can easily manipulated and abused, commonly for monetary gain. Some people may not know what globalization is, though.
The term "globalization" is used to describe how our ever-changing world is becoming more connected as time passes. Social networking sites (Such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc.) give it's multitude of millions of users a seemingly unlimited amount of reasons to participate in social media. They allow users to interact in a matter of seconds, regardless if they are in different hemispheres or not. Globalization also includes faster exchanges and transportation (of people, goods, information, etc.) and manufacturing being cheaper and easier. Manufacturing is a key component of how globalization can make a negative impact on various societies (Colgan).
The corporations in charge of major manufacturing are known to abuse their powers when it comes to the workers (not all of the corporations, but a good number of them). The main reason for this abuse is that the wealthy leaders of big business usually have little to no interest in the wants and needs common man (or woman). They can take their businesses and out...

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...l accounts, social media, credit card info, etc. People between the ages 18-24 are 14% more likely to share personal information than people that are older. The affects in America don’t stop there, however, as the outsourcing leads to a significant amount of unemployment (Social Networking).
Outsourcing may help whatever country the factory is ending up in, but in America, it causes substantial job loss. The US has lost at least six million jobs since 1980, both in manufacturing and white collar work. This causes a mass decrease in the US’s national GDP (Gross Domestic Product) by 18% in the last six or seven decades. People can be fired at any given point to be replaced by someone willing to do the work for less money, making jobs less secure. Reliance on imports increases as the outsourcing does. These are a few of the major issues with globalization (Collins).

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