Essay On Nature And Climate Change

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There is a common saying like this: How humans treat nature is how nature treats humans. With the rapid growth of economies, the rampant growth of industrial parks and the increasing number of vehicles, the downside of development is increasingly challenging. Difficult to deal with the environment for all human beings on Earth. One of the most pressing issues is climate change. Indeed, humanity is at risk of extinction due to the impact of environmental pollution leading to climate change and recent natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes. scandal for humanity. Scientists call the origin of these issues Climate Change. What is the nature of climate change? According to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate…show more content…
Most notably, global warming. Global warming is evident in the increasingly warming of the Earth's temperature, triggering El Niño phenomenon, widespread thawing, and abnormal sea level rise. This has unpredictable consequences for human life in every country or territory. The direct cause of such things is the effect greenhouse gases. According to studies, the natural greenhouse effect helps maintain and develop life on Earth. But under the effect of exhaust emissions into the environment in the production, industrial development, the greenhouse effect is complicated and changes in the negative direction. But that's just the cause on the surface. The cause is deep, the source of the storm is the main thing is human. Human impacts on nature such as deforestation, ecological imbalance, the use of chemicals such as pesticides, unsuitable herbicides, smoke and industrial waste, municipal waste discharged directly Extrinsic environmental conditions have caused perforation of the ozone layer causing the greenhouse effect and the warming of the earth. People do not stop building, chisel the earth, build tunnels, mining to deform the crust of the earth. Humans with hatred, world hegemony, unceasingly arms race, chemical weapons, bombs, continuous…show more content…
Big storms cost crops, costing billions of dollars; In addition, to control outbreaks after floods also need a huge amount of money. The harsher the economy, the worse it is for the economy to lose. The economic losses affect all aspects of life. People suffer from escalating food and fuel prices; Governments are facing a dramatic decline in the profitability of the tourism and industry sectors, the demand for food and clean water by the people after a critical hurricane, huge costs to clean up the pile. ruins after the flood, and
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