Essay On National Parks

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America could be thought as the new Roman empire, which was realized by the Union winning the Civil War. An empire is the collection of states or countries under a centralized authority; the goals of an empire is to expand its reign by assimilating lands and cultures. While Rome conquered large parts of Europe and had an emperor, America took control of the land from coast to coast and had established a Federal Government. Like all expanding cultures in world history, the needs of the people are the responsibility of the government. In the 1800’s America had trouble fulfilling that obligation. Politicians had to find a way to create a sense of nationalism, a unifying ideal all citizens can identify with. They tried to solve this by creating national parks and improving urban living, much like the Roman’s had monuments and advanced cities. As different as national…show more content…
It instills pride in being an American by playing as a memento of the nation’s origins and destiny. The majestic and powerful landscapes of the wilderness was a symbol of the country’s strength and beauty. Writers and artists, such as George Catlin, depicting the natural wonders gave citizens something to admire and established Americana apart from European art. Despite the good attributes national parks have, their creation pushed Native Americans out of their homelands. Natives were never assimilated into American society. The Federal Government’s duty to tend to the needs of the Native American people was an obligation, morally and through treaties, although often failed to meet those needs. It could be because the native peoples were not assimilated as citizens, rather stayed within their own sovereign tribes. Immigrants, on the other hand, were absorbed as part of the larger mosaic of American culture and became citizens. There for could demand the attention of the government to their needs, especially in the inhumane urban
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