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Narcocorridos: Varying Perception Across the Border Often referred to as the gangster rap of Mexico, Narcocorridos are centered on the drug cartels of Mexico and are frequently used as an outlet for boasting and violence. Emerging in the 1980s and 1990s, the narcocorrido has become a hugely popular style of Mexican music. Although controversial in Mexico, Narcocorrido has gained popularity throughout the US, especially in California. The violence portrayed through this music is often embraced by many Hispanics in the US as a part of the gangster lifestyle. Narcocorridos, although a modern form of popular corridos, developed due to the historical and cultural significance of drugs throughout Mexico. The prevalence of these drugs stoked popular fascination with the varying experiences of narcos and their exploits. There is a drastic difference in the way the narcocorrido is perceived on either side of the US-Mexico border. The American perception stereotypes narcocorridos as entertaining, while across the Mexican border the contents are taken more seriously and are a reflection of real-life events and serious problems throughout Mexico. The contents of narcocorridos are damaging and destructive to its audience; however, due to popular interest, narcocorridos maintains a varying perception in Mexico and America. A product of the corridos and the norteño styles of Mexico, Narcocorridos are a recent style of music in Latin America. The Spanish word corrido means to be “moved” and the ballad style of Narcocorridos reflects the traditional corrido style, while also using the norteño instruments and rhythm. The Polka beat and use of string instruments incorporates the ideology of mestizaje. The corrido’s roots lie in the ... ... middle of paper ... ...he success of the artists, the reality of the drug trade overshadows this sense of pride. Culturally, America is fascinated with popularizing music that is perceived as damaging. Due to its association with drug trafficking and the history of drugs in Mexico, Narcocorridos have captured the American customary significance in music. The culture associated with the drugs should not be glamorized nor should they be popularized. Mexico continues to endure its struggle to control drug trafficking, while America sits back and listens to the consequences and exploit drugs in Mexico. The negative reception of drugs faded due to the ubiquity of drug trafficking in Mexico and its surrounding countries. As a popular form of music, Narcocorridos counteracts the heroic narratives initially associated with corridos and fortifies the negative image associated with the drug trade.

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