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The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is an agreement between America, Canada And Mexico that coincides a triune free trade economic bloc between the three countries. NAFTA was a necessary deal to be made between the North American Nations to compete in the “Economic World Order”. NAFTA was first designed and drafted by American president George Bush senior, Canadian Prime minister Brian Mulroney and Mexican president Carlos Salinas on December the 12th 1992 in San Antonio Texas. NAFTA’S original creators where not the men that finalized the triune trade bloc but instead NAFTA was redrafted to appease all recipients of the deal and its respectful citizens. NAFTA was finalized and singed on December the 8th 1993 by American president Bill Clinton, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien and Mexican President Carlos Salinas. NAFTA came in to full effect on January the 1st 1994. The history of NAFTA and its negative and Positive effect and the necessity of NAFTA will all be explained in this paper.
The first approach of “Free Trade” came on September the 26th 1985 when Bill Mulroney, the Canadian Prime Minister and leader of the Canadian Progressive (socialist) Conservative Party met with American President Ronald Reagan to discuss the possibility of creating a free trade compact with the U.S.A. On October the 4th 1987 the essential negotiations came to a conclusion creating the first draft of a North American Free Trade Agreement. On January the 2nd 1989 America and Canada sign the first draft of a “Free Trade Agreement” creating the possibility of merging all of North America’s economies to compete in the global market. With the probability of Mexico entering the agreement and the idea of cheap labor for both Canadian and A...

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... consist with the success of Mexico’s growing “GDP” thanks to NAFTA. By creating NAFTA, North America is able to not just compete in the global market but also be the supreme leader. NAFTA rules the trade of good’s and services in an international scale, with over 1.1 trillion in goods and services being traded in North America alone. NAFTA has made world markets compete at a higher level to eventually eliminate all Tariffs on a global scale for all Corporations to trade freely. The creator’s of NAFTA understood the fundamental realities, that Corporations do not have borders or belong to a single country. Corporations live and breathe without the common knowledge of patriotism. Corporations live in a “New Economic World Order”. Thanks to NAFTA the blueprint has been drawn to begin a massive change in the way the world will conduct business in the near future.
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