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My history with writing in school developed from writing many papers focused on meeting the curriculum and gradually moving into writing papers with subjects I am interested in. In my middle school and high school the biggest method of learning to write papers was having students do MLA format. Mostly the subject was picked by the teacher and the goal was to get the number of pages and the MLA format correct. Many classes we would write the page requirement and move on to the next paper with no correcting or editing at all. College was a new experience for writing because the topic was picked by me. It was much more creative methods of interacting with other students to assist each other in your writing goals. Discussing my writing with other students in small group settings helped my writing thrive. My college English classes challenged me to figure out what method of brainstorming ideas got me the best results. This lead me to writing out my papers by hand first, which is not traditional, due to it helping me keep my thoughts straight when I don’t have others to rely on and talk out my thoughts.…show more content…
In my writing I have realized my strengths are that I always view my paper as a work in progress. I may have weaknesses in my writing but my writing strength lies in my ability to work past the problems and fix them. Struggles I possess in writing is properly wording my sentences to make them flow together and not be choppy. When I type out a paper it seems to make sense from my perspective but when others read some of my longer papers I lose the reader. With your help I would like to work on making my papers easier to read and the subjects in them to come across to the reader the way they were meant

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