Essay On My Passion For Animals

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As a kid, I loved to draw but most of my pictures were animals like horses and dogs instead of flowers. I loved to play with our puppy and bigger dogs. I loved animals. I still do. I learned a lot about animals and what i want to do with my life is help them, medically or behaviorally. My whole life I have wanted to do something with animals because of my love and passion for them.
I didn’t really know what to do with my profound love of animals. The only job I knew at the time was a veterinarian. That was the only thing I thought that I could do with my life since I wanted a job with animals. Well, my whole life I have been doing things that will allow me to make it to become a veterinarian. My whole high school experience, I have taken all
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I could retain hours by feeding or working with my rabbits. By feeding and watering and working my horse, or just by spending time with my animals. But instead of using them for my hours, which i do on a day-to-day basis anyways, i decided to help and volunteer at the animal shelter. During my visits to the shelter, I was able to view all the different dogs that just wanted to be placed in a loving home. The staff at the shelter warned my parents and me to keep the dogs at a fair distance from each other as a lot of the dogs didn 't do well with other dogs. During my course of volunteering there, I was able to over here some of the requirements of what potential adopters wanted in a dog, and the most common was a dog that gets along with other dogs. Well my mom fell in love with a dog at the shelter, and shelter staff said she only did well with male dogs. We only have female dogs, so we took her home and to our surprise she had an issue with female dogs. She had a totally different behavior than we had seen at the shelter. We couldn 't leave her alone with any of our dogs because she would try to attack them. That 's when we started correcting her behavior so we could keep her. That 's when I realized my potential in the helping…show more content…
Sometimes they will react out of instincts. Like small prey or small dogs might look like prey to them. Some dogs have a really high prey drive which isn 't always a bad thing. Because of this prey drive, these dogs can not live in a home with smaller animal 's. It can not live in a home with a small dog, even if it does get along with other dogs, just to be cautious. “ Often there are deeper rooted issues which are causing the dog to do the bad
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