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Multiculturalism need or menace? In order to give a reasonable answer to this question, we have to first define multiculturalism. According to The Australian Collaboration of National Community Organizations website ‘multiculturalism embodies an ethic of acceptance of, and respect for, cultural diversity, community harmony and inclusion’. There is no doubt that in an increasingly global world multiculturalism is a necessity. People have to learn to respect and tolerate the different. As for multi- ethnic nations like the USA, Canada or Australia, I believe multiculturalism is a need. These countries have to develop inclusive policies to accommodate all their citizens peacefully. On the other hand, there are people who think that multiculturalism can create ‘national disunity’ and ‘questionable loyalties’ in the part of minorities or immigrants. As long as mutual respect and tolerance exists, multiculturalism helps to enrich and democratize the society. According to Kuzio (1996), `multiculturalism helps society to become more democratic.` Of the same opinion are, Berman a...

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