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Motocross “ It’s not what you ask of me, it’s what I ask of myself, Motocross us a very difficult but fun sport. Pro’s make motocross look so easy but it’s not. Motocross is one of the hardest and toughest sports ever. Freestyle motocross is a sport that people watch for entertainment. Travis Pastrana is a freestyler and a motocross racer. He is also in a group called Nitro Circus. Nitro Circus is one of the biggest groups that do freestyle and motocross racing. There are freestyle and motocross competitions. One of the biggest competitions for freestyle and motocross is called X-games. X-games have motocross racing, freestyle, snowboarding, and other games (Red Bull). Super cross is a type of motocross that is indoors. The biggest Super cross race of the year is at Anaheim. Ken Rocken has won many races in Super cross races this year. People that are good at racing and win a bunch of races can win millions of dollars racing motocross. When the Pro’s win a race, they win 1,000,000 dollars just for one race! When a rider gets the hole shot that is 5,000dollar check! A hole shot is where a rider takes off the quickest and takes first place as soon as it starts. Motocross is a …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that freestyle motocross is a sport that people watch for entertainment.
  • Explains that supercross is a type of motocross that is indoors. ken rocken has won many races in super cross races this year.
  • Opines that ricky carmichael is one of the greatest racers because he has won every race in motocross.
  • Opines that freestyle, supercross, and ricky carmichael are the three things they think of when they watch motocross.

Ricky started racing in 1997, he was twenty years old when he started racing. He won his first national championship in 1997, the year he started racing! Ricky was one of the greatest because of all his accomplishments. Ricky won a national title every year, he won a national title with team USA. He was put in the hall of fame in 2015. After you have read my story, I bet you all think different about motocross. Freestyle, Super cross, and my favorite rider Ricky Carmichael is what my main three things are when I think of motocross. Everybody that watches motocross has a favorite rider, when you start watching motocross it will be something that you will continue watching and you will get addicted to

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