Essay On Modern Day Segregation

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Modern Day Segregation Many people in America think that segregation is a thing of the past, and that it was relinquished in 1964. Over the course of history, many minority groups have struggled to have equality, especially in the United States. Not only did minorities have to go against the laws that did not protect them equally, but they had to deal with other people who encouraged and supported segregation. Life was harder for minorities and their future generations because of the “separate but equal” policies. Unfortunately, segregation still exists today in many schools and businesses, causing minorities to have a harder path to success. In schools around the country, there are many children who are part of a minority that suffers from segregation. This segregation is the same type that supposedly ended over half a decade ago. According to the Washington Post’s article, “Worsening, unchecked segregation in K-12 public schools,” segregation has been confirmed to still be in existence. This article states,“Poor, black and Hispanic children are once again going to…show more content…
However, reports have shown that there are still many schools in which segregation exists. The article “Worsening, unchecked segregation in K-12 public schools” explains these reports, “Scott said the GAO report showed an ‘overwhelming failure to fulfill the promise of Brown.’...’Segregation in public K-12 schools isn't getting better; it's getting worse, and getting worse quickly,’ he said. More than 20 million students of color now attend high-poverty, minority schools.” This Government Accountability Office report disproves any statements that segregation does not exist and reinforces the idea that segregation is still occurring and expanding rapidly. Surely, this needs to be slowed down to the point that separation will become non-existent and everyone will have an equal path to
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