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Miranda v. Arizona is a case that revolutionized the rights of an accused while in custody and interrogation. The Supreme court leaders based the rights of Mr. Miranda by the fifth amendment of the United States Constitution. The fifth amendment has been interpreted though the decision of supreme court rulings into the right to remain silent in an interrogation in order to prevent the accused to testify against himself. This amendment also protects any person from double jeopardy from the same crime, gives him or her a grand jury, and it requires for due process of law to come in effect in case a citizen is denied him or her from their right of life, liberty, or property. Ernesto Miranda was taken to the police station on March 13, 1963. …show more content…

Two police officers began interrogating him, and after two hours later the police officers came out with a written confession signed by Mr. Miranda. On the top of the confession was a paragraph that stated, “that the confession was made voluntarily, without threats or promises of immunity and "with full knowledge of my legal rights, understanding any statement I make may be used against me." Once at the trial the officers presented this evidence to the judge. With this explicit evidence the judge found Miranda guilty of kidnapping and raping. He was sentenced to jail from 20 to 30 years on each account. The Supreme Court of Arizona ruled that his constitutional rights were not violated, and also emphasized that Miranda never requested a counsel during his interrogation. The Supreme Court of the United States in a 5-4 ruling decided in favor of Miranda. The Supreme Court felt that since an interrogation is a very intimidating spot to be on the suspect 's rights are automatically triggered. This includes the fifth amendment and the the sixth amendment which entitles a person to an attorney. They claimed that undoubtedly the fifth amendment is a privilege. Along with this case they also settled four other cases that were similarly close …show more content…

Arizona is a case that many people believed that it should have been ruled the other way. Me, on the other hand, I believe that even though a person is being criminalized it does not mean that law officials should take advantage of them. The way that this court was ruled has been working exceptionally well for over the past fifty years, so I believe it proves that the reinterpretation of the law was the best option. A person can potentially at one point be accused of something that they did not do, and under pressure in an interrogation he or she could be manipulated into confessing something they did not do. Sometimes a person can feel like their is no other way, but the solution they chose at the end, or they can be scared that it can end up a lot worse if they do not confess at the given time. If I was a justice I would probably be closer to Justice Clark because he agreed with both sides of the argument. I, on the contrary, would have been leaning towards the concurrence side instead of the dissent. I agree that future criminals could use the reinterpretation of the fifth amendment to their own benefit, but I also see it that the law officials use their position in society to their advantage as well. It would only be fair to the average American that can at one moment be in this predicament to be told their rights before they can incriminate themselves, and for them to be allowed settle the case the right and fair way, with a lawyer by their

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the supreme court of the united states in a 5-4 ruling decided in favor of miranda. they said that since an interrogation is an intimidating spot to be on the suspect's rights are automatically triggered.
  • Analyzes the dissenting opinions of justice byron white and justice john marshall harlan on the miranda v. arizona case.
  • Opines that even though a person is being criminalized, it does not mean that law officials should take advantage of them.
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