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Mindfulness and Its Effect In School
Mindfulness is known as a “practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one 's thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis”(Merriam-Webster). Mindfulness has a multitude of positive effects to the students and teachers and according to Mindfulness in Schools, “... education and health are closely linked. Promoting the health and well-being of teachers and students within schools has the potential to improve teaching and learning and health and wellbeing outcomes.” (Mindfulness). With this, mindfulness can help the students and teachers with their overall state of mind. Mindfulness helps especially with emotional health because it decreases depression,
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When the teachers practice mindfulness, they can better their relationships with the students (Jennings). Troubles from home can cause a student to not know where to turn, but if they feel trust with their teacher, they can help them manage work and emotions. When a teacher can connect with their students, they can both send positive messages to each other to help their learning processes. Implementing mindfulness can also help with the teachers helping students understand their learning needs, have a non-judgemental approach to teaching, and also create a positive learning environment (Jennings). The teacher can help keep the students focus on assignments and respect each other with mindfulness. If students are behind the pace of work, the teachers will know when to stop, slow down and catch them up effectively. The focus of the students are what is strived for in the class and the focus that the teacher receives can increase teaching time between 11-20 minutes (Rossi). When the environment is non-judgemental, it’s easier for the students to feel more at ease and confident. The students won’t be afraid to raise their hand to comment or ask questions, in the fear of being wrong, but they will also think more about the topic. It’s not only important for the students to learn mindfulness, but the teachers as well. Mindfulness will help the teacher with their stress in and out of the classroom. Things that happen outside the classroom can affect the teacher’s emotions, causing them to take it out and reflect it onto their students. They can be aware of their self emotions, breathe and stay positive (Burke). Within the class, teachers can be able to control the problems without snapping or bursting out in anger (Jennings). Breathing slowly can do a significant result when things are tough (Jennings). A positive learning environment motivates students to enjoy the class, thus helping inquirer
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