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Indian Dairy Industry: A Profile
Indian Dairy’s production level is expected to be tripled by the next 10 years in the view of expanding potential for export to Europe and the West. In the coming years WTO regulations will come in to force in all the developing countries which are among big exporters today.
India is the lowest cost producer of per litre milk in the world. Because India is the lowest cost producer of per litre milk in the world, therefore Multinational companies are planning to expand their activities in India. Many milk producers have obtained various certificates for good quality standard from the authorities, which help them to market their product in the foreign market in the processed form.
Business Environment Of Dairy Industry
India had an acute shortage of milk but gradually it has transformed to the world’s leading milk producer over the span of three decades. This phenomenal success was achieved because Government of India had started this initiative called “Operation Flood “and it intensely focused on dairy development activities. In that initiative urban markets were linked to rural milk shed through the development of a network of village cooperatives for procuring and marketing milk.
Emerging Situations
In India, Dairy is currently the top ranked commodity. Dairy Sector hold a strong position in the GDP, but still it receives less Government funding than the agriculture sector. Since, the population is growing and with that the national income of the people are also growing, they are becoming health conscious and the demand for milk is also growing, therefore this is a serious matter because of the slowdown in the growth of ...

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...ficiency and spread its entire work force. They focus more on providing a rigorous training facility to the young recruits so that they are well prepared to face the competitive world. Mother Dairy primarily focuses on the middle class families because they have a strong value system, so they have that urge of learning new things and to work with full dedication.
Since, Mother Dairy has moved on from the Transactional HR to Transformational HR that’s why it has been visiting more to various recognised and prestigious campuses for recruiting young talents. Mother Dairy also provides opportunities to young emerging students from various campuses to work with them in the form of summer internship and live projects. By doing this internship’s and projects the students get very good exposures regarding how the real live corporate world is and how it functions.

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