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Billions of microorganisms, living creatures’ invisible to the naked eye, live among us. Microorganisms reside everywhere, and exist in our beds, hair, water, skin, soil, furniture, clothes, air, and even our food. When we touch something, they adhere (attach) to our hands. Prokaryotes make up microorganisms (microscopic organisms without a nucleus or special organelles or structures), and present strong toxins to us eukaryotes (organisms with a nucleus and special organelles). The naked eye observes macroscopic organisms (large creatures) such as animals and plants, but only microscopes can perceive microorganisms (microscopic organisms). Today, individuals use the compound microscope for most occasions. A Microscope enables individuals to examine up to 1000x magnification, so up to 1000x the normal vision of a human. Microorganisms consists of bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and fungi that cause infection or disease to eukaryotes. Everyone knows about bacteria, but is the average individual attentive to the various microbial (microorganism) properties within the human body? Bacteria exist everywhere, and may either have a negative or positive effect on humans. Harmful bacteria cause infection, and beneficial bacteria cause fermentation, a chemical breakdown of substances. Bacterial fermentation may reside in wine, milk, and other substances, so it permits humans to absorb what they need. A virus initiates infection within a host cell, and can’t live without one. Inside a host, a virus proliferates (replicates or multiplies) to cause disease. A virus stands as the main source of cancer. They proliferate inside the body, and constantly infect host cells. Fungi produce spores to feed on organic (living) matter (physical substance) su... ... middle of paper ... ...eds and furniture contain many microbes. Think about it, when a person comes home from a long day of work or school, the first thing on their mind is to relax. So, they sit on their sofa, or lie on their bed, while still wearing the clothes they had on all day. The microbes in the air constantly attach to the external surface. Microbes become inhaled while breathing and crawl off macro-organisms to adhere onto everything. Like humans, microbes include parts of the life cycle. Many humans may not have much knowledge about microbes, since some don’t wash their hands, and some allow children to play in dirt or mud. Some people don’t wash their sheets often, and some don’t shower or brush their teeth as required. This shows the lack of knowledge that most individuals have about microbes. Microbes exist everywhere, yet many individuals still require hygiene education.

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