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Microfinance changing the face of poor India In the new economic world of today, Micro-Finance is emerging as the powerful instrument for poverty alleviation. In India, micro-Finance scene has been dominated by the SHG-bank linkage model which aims at providing the most cost effective mechanism for providing credit and other financial services to the 'unreached poor'. The sections of the population classified as the "small and marginal farmers",” rural artisans" and "economically weaker sections" have been used to broadly define micro-finance customers in the Indian context. The fact that microfinance clients increase their income and assets over time has been shown by various global researches. Also it is observed there is an increase the number of years of schooling their children receive and also improve the health and nutrition of their families. A more refined model of micro-credit delivery has evolved lately. The new refined lays stress on the combined delivery of financial services along with technical assistance, and agricultural business development services. In India Priva...

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