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The 101st NAACP Convention was filled with board members and delegates to listen to speakers give their speech. One of those speakers was the First Lady, Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama attending the convention gave a speech about her “Let’s Move” campaign. During Michelle’s speech she advocates the issue occurring that cannot be ignored “childhood obesity”. Obama claims that “1 in 3 children is overweight or obese, putting them at a greater risk of obesity related conditions.” The effect that obesity has among the children of today really affects them to not have a normal life. Obesity has lead to many diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and even cancer. The speech that Obama gives can be seen as a propaganda, which it can influence others to take action and set them have an opinion of their own. Obama takes a role to persuade the public audience. The way she persuades the public with her speech was through the use of the rhetoric techniques, by the credibility of being the First Lady, emotional response of the audience, and statistics of childhood obesity. Michelle Obama being the First Lady reflects on who she is as a person. Being the wife of the president of the United States shows that she can empower herself to speak about her campaign. The moment she starts talking about the epidemic of childhood obesity she brings up the concerns of childhood obesity in a perspective as a mother, which she states “Not just as First Lady, but as a mother who believes that we owe it to out to our kids to prepare them for the challenges that we know lie ahead.” She is able to understand the concerns that a mother can have with an overweight child. It shows that as a mother and the First Lady she can take action ... ... middle of paper ... ...ity and change the way the children are eating. Obama speech effectively had carried out the main purpose successfully. She was able to have the right tools when speaking about childhood obesity. Obama was able to show her purpose from the beginning to the end. It enabled her to connect with the audience as a concern mother shows that she cares and wants change for a better future for the children. The Collaguazo 4 only this would possible to be in effective is that Obama wants each single of us to work together to change the way the children live their life. Obama is able to persuade the audience with the use of being First Lady, have an emotional response from the public, and the statistics of childhood obesity. With ‘Let’s Move” campaign we’re able to carry out to increase a healthier lifestyle for the children of the future.
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