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Michelangelo’s art changed, as he grew old due to his change in focus. Michelangelo began to sculpt when he began working for the Medici family under Lorenzo Medici. Michelangelo’s life as a sculptor and painter made him one of the most well known artists of the Italian renaissance because of the sculptures and paintings he was able to create.
Michelangelo’s Battle of the Centaurs showed the early progress in his work. When Michelangelo began to sculpt he apprenticed under Ghirlandaio. He then worked for the Medici’s until their downfall. Michelangelo fled Florence after Lorenzo Medici died in fear that he would be tracked down and killed. (Encyclopedia of World Biography). Michelangelo then moved to Venice and Bologna so that he could continue his work. This was significant because he sculpted several famous sculptures during his time and realized he wanted to move back to Florence. Michelangelo returned to Florence and sculpted the statue of David. A few years later Michelangelo was asked to work on the tomb of Julius II. Michelangelo worked for a long time on the statue of David to make sure it was perfect. (Encyclopedia of the Renaissance). This was significant because the work was so impressive it led to a job working on Pope Julius II’s tomb in 1505. Michelangelo was able to create a magnificent sculpture because he was focused and determined to make it perfect.

Michelangelo’s work deteriorated as he tried to tackle more projects at the same time, such as the Sistine Chapel and the tomb of Pope Julius II. Michelangelo was asked to work on the tomb in 1505. The tomb was massive and would require 40 sculptures, and Michelangelo accepted the job and began...

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...e Julius II, and the project was handed over to another talented sculptor who picked up the work after Michelangelo. (Encyclopedia of renaissance art). Michelangelo could have finished his work but decided to work on other projects instead. Michelangelo’s sculpting suffered in his later years as a result of not sculpting
Michelangelo's work was great as a young sculptor and improved as he aged but when he became much older he lost his focus and his work suffered and began to deteriorate Michelangelo's life as a sculptor showed rapid improvement in his work then it became inferior as he began to devote his effort into his other projects. This is significant because some of his best ideas never turned out to be as perfect as he wanted them to be, his work could have been better and he could have had longer lasting, better looking art that could still be viewed today.
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