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9. Research project 1) Biography and Analyse - Michel Roux Senior Michel Roux Senior is a chef and restaurant operator born in France that working in Britain. He opened Le Gavroche with his brother Albert Roux that becomes the first three Michelin starred restaurant in Britain. Moreover, Waterside Inn also the first restaurant outside France that holding three stars for nearly 30 years1. Michel Roux Senior was born in Charolles, France, in 1941. After war, he moved to Paris with his family, and then his father opened a charcuterie after that. Unfortunately, it went bankrupt and closed. His father left the family and disappeared after that2. By following his brother Albert, Michel Roux senior started training as a pastry chef at 14 years old. Albert was working in the British embassy as a sous chef and found a job for Michel3. Then Michel moved to working for Philipp de Rothschild. After served his National Service in French between 1960 and 1962, he moved to England while his brother Albert had started working. In 1967, they open their first restaurant, Le Gavroche at Lower...

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