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Discuss and evaluate the evidence that stigma contributes to the maintenance and worsening of mental health problems. Mental health stigma is a complex issue that resonates within society, although there have been great investments over past 2 decades to help with the difficulty of mental illness majority of the diagnosed patients fear under going treatment for psychological illnesses as it reduces self-confidence and deprives individuals of social opportunities and acceptance through the undesirable and derogatory connotations that are ascribed with the label ‘mentally ill’. There are two prominent types of stigma e.g. Self-stigmatizing; a distinct type of ‘mental health stigma'. It is formed when the patients suffering with mental health…show more content…
Yanos 2008). He maintains that internalised stigma contributes to the deteriorating of the victims’ health and behavioural pattern. This information is gathered through qualitative data research, which comprised of of, 87 men and 15 women who were diagnosed with schizophrenia spectrum disorders. The participants took part in a survey based on the internalized stigma of mental illness. The method of research was a questionnaire comprised of 29 questions designed to assess their personal stigma experiences. Some of the subscales in the questionnaire included key terminology and undesirable factors which majority of the participants could identify with such such as ‘alienation’ and ‘shame’ which transpire from the feelings of being devalued, and stereotyped. One of the strengths of this study is that it meets some of the ethical guidelines due to the fact that all partakers consented to the terms and conditions, prior to taking part in the research which adds to the authenticity of the report. The research was conducted with a large sample of patients that were obtaining ongoing outpatient healing and were in a post-acute or stable phase of their disorder as no hospitalizations or changes in medication or housing in the past month thus meaning they were able to express themselves with some level of clarity. Benefits of this are that it provides validity into the…show more content…
from this diagram It is evident that suppressed stigma detrimentally influences the progression process, which in turn results to various outcomes such as suicidal risk, however it Is key to note that social interaction plays a key part in increased symptoms severity. This shows us that social stigma which can occur through interaction in places like rehabilitation centres work as the second catalyst for increasing poorer mental health recovery. There main variants which determines the

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