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Perspectives of Healing Assignment 1 This essay is based on the subject of mental illnesses through mental institutions, but on the perspectives of how fear amongst the mentally ill patients and professional health care workers is driven by them. Within this assignment patient’s experiences with in mental hospitals. Thus looking at how beneficial mental institutions are for the mentally ill people that have been sectioned. Within the essay there is going to be a comparison between two chapters from two different books, written by two different authors. The first book is written by Hardcastle, M, et al (2007): In Experiences of Mental Health in Patient-Care: Chapter 9: Feeling Humiliated: Experiences of a black man, which will be referred to as extract one within the assay. The second book that is by, ‘Laurance, J (2003) How Fear Drives the Mental Health System: Chapter 1 The state we’re in pure Madness (pp.1-18)’, which will be referred to as extract two within this essay. A mental hospital also referred to as a psychiatric hospital / wards are sub-units are regular hospitals that specialise in treating individuals with intense mental illnesses like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, plus many more… mental hospitals are all different and there are some that specialise in different types/ stages of mental illnesses, such as some will specialise in short-term outpatient therapy, which is for patients whose mental health is not that severe. However, there are other mental hospitals that do specialise in permanent care for patients do have a severe mental illnesses that requires consist treatment, assistance and a routine, that is in a controlled environment. Jeremy Laurance is a writer the s... ... middle of paper ... ...pril 2014]. Death of black patient showed up race bias | UK news | The Guardian . 2014. Death of black patient showed up race bias | UK news | The Guardian . [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 12 April 2014]. Deborah Lupton, 2012. Medicine as Culture: Illness, Disease and the Body. Third Edition Edition. SAGE publication Ltd. Hardcastle, M,. et al (2007) Chapter 9: Feeeling Humiliated: Experiences of a black man In Exeriences of Mental Health in Patient-Care, ed. Hardcastle, M,. et al Hova, Routledge, pp.65.70 Laurance, J (2003). The state we’re in in Pure Madness: How Fear Drives Mental Health system, ed. Laurance, J London, Routledge, pp1.18. NIMH • Psychotherapies. 2014. NIMH • Psychotherapies. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 13 April 2014].

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