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Lara Carolina Da Silva Final Essay 1 Chapter Nine: Mental Health Mental illness is the leading cause of disability in North America and Europe in every community costing the U.S. over half a trillion dollars per year. Mental health is defined as the emotional and social wellbeing and psychological resources for dealing with the day-to-day problems of life. Mental illness is the term describing all mental disorders. Mental disorders are health conditions that are identified by changes in thinking and behavior. Mental disorders as well as mental impairment can occur from postnatal exposure to physical, chemical, and biological agents, like secondhand cigarette smoke. Brain function impairment can be caused by trauma, such as a car crash or bullet wound, or by disease, such as syphilis, cancer, or stroke. Maladaptive family functioning (such as having a parent with mental illness, or substance abuse problem) poverty, experiencing violence, physical or sexual abuse, or neglect can also lead to mental illness. Growing up in neighborhoods marked by social division leads to discrimination, and social hardship adds to the risk. Families of the mental usually did the treatment for mental disorders in Colonial America, ill or by private caretakers. Institutionalization began during the eighteenth century; people with mental disorders were placed in undifferentiated poorhouses or almshouses which were locally run public institutions for the mentally ill or crippled. Towards the second half of the 20th century this kind of treatment was replaced by moral treatment which was treatment based on the theory that environmental changes could affect an individual’s mind and consequently altering their behavior. Mentally ill persons w... ... middle of paper ... ...ogram that gives legal resources, lawyer referrals, help with special needs estate and lifetime planning as well as help navigating the justice system which is something that greatly helps those with mental illness who sometimes aren’t aware of their benefits and help dealing with legal issues. Another program NAMI provides is the Veterans and Military Resource Center which is a center that provides resources, support, education on mental health to; active duty military personnel, veterans with mental illness and their family members. They cover many mental illnesses and issues that relate to veterans and are common issues amongst veterans; they provide information about the diseases, treatment, screenings, data research and more. This is very much needed as many of our veterans suffer from illnesses like PTSD, depression, and other mental or brain injuries.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that mental illness is the leading cause of disability in north america and europe in every community costing the us over half a trillion dollars per year.
  • Explains how mental illness was treated in colonial america by family members or by private caretakers, and how moral treatment was successful in the 20th century. after world war ii, federal involvement in mental health increased.
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