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Men. Women. Equality. In today’s social society, people are still being discriminated by gender, whether they are capable to do the work or anything. In addition, the common stereotypes still exist, because they were passed down from past generations, in which created more movements for each sex. Before the 1920’s, men were considered more powerful or have more rights than women, then after that period of time, women had made an impact to have equal rights. Men and women had to face many issues of equal rights, which it is important to educate the social society because it displays our humanity and determines ethical values within equality, gender roles, and developed/developing countries.
Either in a poor or developing country, each sex should
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Thomas’s article explains that, “The responsibility lies firmly at the door of the media, who should work to ensure that women’s achievement and not just their looks are celebrated” as allowing to show that women are displaying their importance to the social society (Thomas 2016). Thomas’s article was displaying that the media had made a negative and positive impact to gender equality, especially women. Furthermore, media has changed humanity, by having both sex fighting with each other in social media. However, the media should have “no reason what a women was wearing should be a headline in a story over her achievements”, then learn what women are capable of (. In addition, the people should know about the importance of expression of attitudes, behavior for each gender, “While it’s also important to attend rallies for and sue companies for workplace discrimination, a women’s strongest impact is living her life and expressing her womanhood on her own terms”, it demonstrates that women has made an impact to the social society, but manly to their own gender (Sheinin, Thompson, Mc Donald, Clement 2016). In other words, woman had to live with many challenges throughout the past years, either finding their way to get equal rights, right to vote, or demonstrate themselves as an important role in the social society. Women are considered…show more content…
In this article, the author talks about, “The problem was that the slogan is associated with a feminist group in South Korea called, Megalia, which campaigns against the misogyny which its members say pervades Korean life” it describes a challenge that women in South Korea had to face in a gaming industry (South Korea Gaming: How a T-shirt cost an actress her job 2016). Also, displays that a slogan can actually take a woman’s job for just expressing her opinion and trying to expand their experiences in the world. In other words, media have made an impact to the social society, by creating this feminist group to display their lifestyles. The authors of the article, demonstrates “This New Wave feminism is shaped less by a shared struggle against oppression than by a collective embrace of individual freedoms, concerned less with targeting narrowly defined enemies than with broadening feminism’s reach through inclusiveness…” as it demonstrates that the movement has faced many obstacles like the internet and social media, but couldn’t find a way to improve their lifestyle (Sheinin, Thompson, Mc Donald, Clement 2016). In that case, the feminism movement had to live with many oppressions or discriminations from media, because without any support or help from men, then the movement will get demolished.

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