Essay On Meditation Descartes

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In the meditations Descartes starts out by talking about how everything he has believed has turned out to be false. He talks about how throughout his life he lived believing in the things he was taught, and believed everything he was taught to be true. But instead giving up hope he turns his attention towards the foundation of knowledge from which it came, to try and get an understanding of how he could be deceived into believing this false information. Descartes goes onto say that he doesn’t need to doubt everything individually as long as he can prove that the foundation of which his principles were founded upon are indeed false then he can cast all of which he has learned into doubt. Descartes also acknowledges that a lot of what he has learned has been learned through the senses and that the senses can deceive but only in some cases. Descartes goes about solving his issue of doubt by giving some arguments and then also giving some objections to those arguments to give him better understandings of where his doubt originates. Descartes talks about how a lot of what h...
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