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Medicaid is currently the largest source of funding for medical and health related services for people in the United States with low-income, disabilities, nursing home and community-based long-term care. Medicaid has been referred to as a safety net for the needy. As a parent of a disabled child, I have a personal interest in the Medicaid system, its history, current functioning, and future plans. The history of Medicaid dates back to the early 1960’s with Lyndon Johnson’s reform movement, coined the “Great Society”. The goal of Johnson’s reform program was to eliminate poverty and racial injustice and for all citizens to reap the benefits of prosperity. Johnson worked with the Office for Economic Opportunity to give the poor a voice in housing, health, and education programs declaring, “The administration today, here and now, declared unconditional war on poverty in America”. While President Harry Truman had proposed a centralized health care scheme in the late 1940’s, the bill failed to pass in Congress. With Lyndon Johnson’s strong leadership and gift of persuasion, Congress enacted both Medicare and Medicaid on July 30th, 1965 as amendments to the Social Security Act. Medicare and Medicaid became the United States first public health insurance programs. Medicaid became a federal-state partnership program in which voluntarily participating states would receive grants for those eligible in a state to access a defined set of medical and long-term care benefits. ( During the 1970’s Medicaid began to cover care for people in intermediate care facilities. Also the SSI Program of Assistance for Elderly and Disabled was established. In 1981, ... ... middle of paper ... ...lth and pays for hospital visits and long term care if needed. As of February 2014, three million previously uninsured citizens had signed up for Medicaid and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) programs. Unfortunately, 5.7 million people will be uninsured in 2016 because 24 States have chosen not to expand Medicaid. ( A report in USA Today (4/30/14) proposed that “states that have not expanded their Medicaid programs as part of the Affordable Care Act risk larger-than-ever gaps in overall health between residents of their states and those that have expanded Medicaid… it is possible that geographic disparities in performance will widen, and health care inequities within states worsen, if such health system reforms and innovations are not evenly spread across states.”

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