Essay On Media Image And Body Image

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Every young girl grows up wanting to be the fairy tale princess with a sparkling ball gown, tiara, and glass slippers. As they reach their teenage years, they begin watching models on television, magazines, and ads portraying the size 0 figure with perfect skin. Those innocent beauty desires they had as children turn into unrealistic goals of extreme thinness and seemingly flawless appearances. The models animated in the media suffer through eating disorders and nearly impossible body requirements which causes young girls to strive for similar unreasonable standards. “The correlation between media image and body image has been proven; in one study, among ... girls ages 7 - 12, greater overall television exposure predicted both a thinner ideal…show more content…
When a young lady is faced with nearly impossible beauty standards, she begins viewing herself in a negative way when she does not meet those beauty requirements. Teenage girls compare themselves to the women in magazines and ads and begin questioning themselves saying, “What can I do to be like them?”, “What do I need to change about myself for people to look at me the same way they look at those women?”. These negative ideas about their own beauty force the young teens to begin hating their own appearance and demolishing their self-confidence. Ladies desire to feel acceptance and when they see that they do not compare to the women in the media they begin to weaken emotionally. The media’s beauty standards persuade ladies to strive for that ideal level of beauty at all cost which forces them to lay aside their emotional state in order to reach that level of perfection they desire. These harsh and demanding standards effect young women by tearing down their emotional state to a point in which they change their own self-identity and self-image in order to become like someone they are not, all in hopes of being accepted as someone with

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