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The definition of media is “the main means of mass communication”. This mass communication is usually achieved thorough television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet. The media also has had an affect on society through its communication. It has both a social effect and a political effect on society. Media can have many positive effects; such as increasing the spread of information, while media also can have negative effects, such as influencing the public’s opinion, or deceiving the public to believe statements or arguments. Media has also had many other purposes, such as giving emergency help, or commit illegal scams for people over the internet, or any media devices that are used commonly today.
Media has taken a part in war though the use of misleading information, otherwise known as propaganda. By using propaganda, the media can gain supporters for a war cause. An example of this is the United States’ portrayal of the Iranians. The media on several accounts has portrayed them as uncivilized terrorists. This conclusion is based on inferences and is not supported by the necessary evidence to prove this statement, therefore classifying this accusation as propaganda. Another example of propaganda is during World War II. Posters illustrating Japanese soldiers displayed them as evil and immoral soldiers. Posters such as these had “confirmed” suspicions civilians had on enemy soldiers. Propaganda posters such as these had gained supporters for a war cause by “demonizing” the enemy. Propaganda has been used in major wars and battles. More precisely Alexander the Great was the first to ever use propaganda in war. As he was retreating from a battle, Alexander knew it would make his army look weak and small. So then, Alexander had lef...

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...g support for good causes.
In conclusion, media has had several effects on society. It has given society many benefits, such as increasing awareness over topics, disasters, or important information. Media also has negative effects, such as cyber bullying, or political bias. Either way, media is an important part of society. It can either support or go against an argument, depending on which side is writing the article. The media has always deceived the public, no matter what point the media is trying to get across. Media may be truthful and informative, or just the opposite: lying and deceptive. Media has contributed to society in many ways, both positive and negatively. Media has started ever since the first newspaper was printed in Rome, 59 B.C., and will continue to inform, deceive, and convince the public so long as there is information that can be spread.
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