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Mechanical Engineer: Inventor of The New World
In the midst of the darken night, hearing the roars of thunder filling the sky, a young man is studying to become an inventor to generate a new world. Trying to create a world without hearing sirens running down the street every five minutes or hearing gun shots that sound like firecrackers is challenging. He became numb to these, trying to find a way out to make his home better and become an engineer that can make his dreams happen. Truly, the creators of technology is the builder of the new world that advances technology to benefit and connect everyone to each other.
To become an engineer is a difficult task because you need to graduate from high school and college. Verified that ONET OnLine
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Mechanical Engineer fundamental for studying in this field of engineering should include knowledge in engineering and technology, mathematic, designs, mechanic, and physics. The study of engineering and technology is the knowledge of the practical application of engineer and technology, principles, technique, procedures and equipment design and production of service and goods (“Mechanical Engineer”). Candidates must know how to apply each concept to a certain task or program, and how to apply these skills into a job or contract to secure the job they want or how the customer wants. Mechanical engineer mathematic is the knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus and their application Math is crucial in engineering to get a precise and accurate measurement, but it can be inaccurate at certain times. ONET explains that designing is the knowledge of design tool, techniques and principals involved in production of precision technical plan blueprint, drawing, and models. Knowledge of different…show more content…
The Bureau of Labor Statistic explain that an engineer medium annual wage is $83,060 in May. The field pay can be affect by internal or external problem effecting the worker wages. In the same field some engineer make more or less than other worker; lowest ten percent earned less than $53,210 and the highest ten percent earned more than $126,430 (“Bureau of Labor and Statistics”). Depending on how the worker is managing his time efficiently and productive. One in three engineer work over forty or more hour due to deadline. The minimum wage is $39.93 an hour in 2014 and the annual is $83,060 depending on employment, project growth, and project job opening: Employment: 278,000 employees, project growth: 5% to 8% on an average over ten year, and project job opening: 102,000 (”Mechanical Engineer”). This can affect the amount of money you can make or can lose depending on these variable. An engineer with an advance degree and certification particular in computer and electronic product manufacturing pay the highest job for mechanical engineer included in Alaska, New Mexico, California, Texas and Louisiana“17-2141.00-Mechanical Engineer”. A mechanical engineer jobs growth is increase in 5% between 2012 and continue growing into 2022; job growth in mechanical engineer is the slowest occupation. They have no employment issue but the growth is slower than other fields and have many different branches and advances
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