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For most people outside of the United States, America is seen as the land of opportunity. It is the land of the free and a country that will give equally to those who work for it. However, people like Ms. Ren, a 20-year-old illegal immigrant, are forced to work in an industry that is disturbingly similar to sweatshops. In a country filled with fair labor laws that are overseen by the U.S Department of Labor, it is shocking to see an industry that only gives $3 an hour for a 12-hour day thrive within the borders of the United States. But because of people like Ms. Ren and the cultural demand of manicures and pedicures, the nail salon industry can continue to exploit the labor of these workers. Little is done to the workers who endure all types…show more content…
Alienation is a concept most people are familiar with. Most people know of it as being isolated or away from someone or something for a long period of time. Marx saw it as something that workers in the lower class dealt with within a capitalist economy. He took the general meaning of alienation and adapted it into his own theory that describes the estrangement that people faced due to the separation of social classes. Marx profoundly explains alienation in the context of labor and social class. As workers, we isolate ourselves from both the product and the means of production. Essentially, the labor and the product it produces become external of who we are as humans. One way that Marx illustrates this is explaining how the worker sell their labor power, which is their own capacity to work, to earn a subsistence living. The Bourgeoisie, the wealthy land and factory owners, who own both the product of their labor and the labor process, takes the surplus in which the workers has produced. This provides an insight of how the worker and the process of labor are being objectified and exploited by the Bourgeoisie. He does create 4 subcategories within alienation that dives deeper into the broad concept of alienation. They are the alienation from the product of their work, the act of producing, from himself, and from other workers. ("Al"). Most of these can be explained…show more content…
But they stay and work because they need the money for their means of survival. According to Marx, the intentions of the human species is to produce out of their own freedom that will shape their own future. The human species is not programmed to act out of immediate needs for survival. Unfortunately, the labor that the workers are involved in is exactly that. Desperate for work, they pay the owners for employment so that they can eventually work to earn a subsistence living in the country. For survival, they give 12 hours of their time and experience physical abuse so that they can earn as much money as they can. They become completely alienated from themselves as a producer and a human being by losing themselves to the labor. The work that they do becomes external from their human nature as a

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