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Martin Luther King Jr.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is unarguably the most famous civil rights activist in American history. His story and legacy is taught in classrooms across the country. From birth to death, Dr. King impacted the lives of many people and changed the roles of society forever. Dr. King had one big dream and what shaped his dream begins in Atlanta,, Georgia, and ends in Memphis, Tennessee.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born into a loving and caring family on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. As an African American, he attended many segregated public schools before quitting high school to attend college. In 1944, at the age of 15, King enrolled at Morehouse College in his hometown of Atlanta. Initially, his primary interests were the studies in medicine and law. By King’s senior year at Morehouse, his focus had shifted to studies of ministry. He graduated from Morehouse College in 1948. After graduation, King decided to spend the next three years of his life at Crozer Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania. His time at the seminary led to his change of view of nonviolence and started his movement for African American civil rights (Martin Luther King, Jr.).
Martin Luther King Jr. went on to lead many marches, boycotts, and sit-ins. One key boycott was the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955. The boycott resulted from an incident involving a now famous African American woman by the name of Rosa Parks. Parks refused to give up her bus seat to a Caucasian American. Her refusal to move resulted in her arrest for violating the city’s segregation laws. Many protesters did not agree with her being arrested for her behavior and treatment; then formed the Montgomery Improvement Association to boycott the city’s transit syste...

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...idential Medal of Freedom by President Carter. In 2004, Dr. King and his wife Coretta were awarded with the Congressional Gold Medal. Many towns and cities, even, have public paintings and statues of him. Some of these places also have named schools and streets in his honor. (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.).
Although Dr. King was prematurely taken from this world, he has left an everlasting impact on the country and the many races within the United State of America. What started out as a dream of a young man in Atlanta has evolved and been cemented in time as one of the key junctions in the history of our country. Even though Dr. King was unable to witness the complete impact of his efforts in the civil rights movement, his legacy will live on in our nation’s history books. Many people nationwide will be forever grateful for the equality he helped create for mankind.
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