Essay On Marriage Are Falling Out Of Love

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Marriages are a big responsibility in many different reasons. For instance, if the marriage is blessed with a child that is one big responsibility. They are responsible for nurturing, providing and protecting their children. Also they should be role models for their children. Another big responsibility is when they make a long-life commitment to be true to one another in good times and in bad. God can also be a part of the relationship. The participation involves the complete love, trust, and respect between the couple and with god.
Some spouses cheat and also fall out of love. When it comes to relationship and marriages, there is nothing more magical or fulfilling then falling in love. It’s not surprising that falling out of love is one of the most confusing feelings we can experience in life. Just because you’ve settles into a comfort zone with your partner doesn’t mean there is excitement around the bend with someone else. Some spouses can no longer think for new ways to please him or her and many different ways. Also, after so long the little “things” are beginning to annoy you in a major ways. There can be many ways and different reasons why spouses could fall out of love.
If you found out that your spouse has been unfaithful, you will undoubtedly feel a whole range of emotions- shock, rage, hurt, devastation, and intense sadness. You may have difficulty sleeping or eating, or feel completely obsessed with the affair. If you are an emotional person, you may cry a lot. You may want to be alone, or conversely, feel at your worst when you are. All these reactions are perfectly normal.

Some marriages could be repaired from infidelity. In order to lie to the spouse and cheat on marriage vows, betray a spouse’s trust, and risk lo...

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...f-esteem tend to think their partner love them less than they really do, or fall out of love with them. It also can cause the spouse to stop communicating with his or her partner. The lack of communication that results can destroys a relationship in many different of ways. They stop talking as often as they use too he or she also thinks that their partner come frustrated with him or her because she feels he does understand and support another. But in a relationship that lacks discussion, resentment grows like a virus.
In conclusion, some spouses can cheat and change their whole life around. Its half and half, some spouses want to sit and work it out, some just won’t out and get a divorce. After all the cheating and life, some could be repaired from infidelity in many of different ways. But it all depends on the spouses and they have to think what’s best for them.
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