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Managing eWaste – Solutions To A New-Age Hazard. The modern society in which we currently reside has become utterly dependent on the consumption of electronic products. In recent years, the use of mobile phones, personal computers, tablets and other electronic goods has increased exponentially (Harrison & Hester, 2009). However, with this increase in the consumption of electronic information, the amount of electronic waste generated as a result thereof has ascended rapidly and is now posing threat to human and animal populations and to the environment (Callicot, Baird, Frodeman, & Hansson, 2009). Solutions to the impending peril of excessive electronic waste need to be addressed and methods of managing this problem must be investigated before determining the optimal solution regarding the management of this type of pollution. The problem with the cycle of “disposing and replacing” electronic goods lies in what is done with the waste after it has been discarded. The first solution to eWaste that is presented is the concept of exporting used electronic goods to developing countries for further use or for recycling purposes (Hileman, 2002). At first glance, this would seem to be the most natural solution to the problem of eWaste. By exporting still-functioning electronic goods to under-developed and less privileged countries such as Pakistan, India and China, discarded electronics can be put into good use for purposes such as education, training and learning (Hileman, 2002). However, this is not the case as the locals that accept the discarded goods abuse the products by burning and melting electronic parts in order to extract precious earth metals such as gold, silver and platinum (Callicot, Baird, Frodeman, & Hansson, 2009). Throu... ... middle of paper ... ...rchId=R1&resultListType=RESULT_LIST&contentSegment=&searchType=BasicSearchForm¤tPosition=3&contentSet=GALE%7CCX3234100303&&docId=GALE|CX3234100303&docType=GALE 2. Harrison, R. M., & Hester, R. E. (2009). Electronic Waste Management. Caimbridge: RSC Publishing. Viewed from: 3. Hileman, B. (2002, July 1). Electronic Waste . Chemical and Engineering News, pp. Pages 15-18. Viewed from: 4. Kiddee, P., Naidu, R., & Wong, M. H. (2013). Electronic Waste Management: An Overview. Waste Management, Pages 1237-1260. Viewed from:

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