Essay On Lowering The Drinking Age

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Britney Mejia
Mrs. Ingram
29 March 2013
Should the Drinking Age be lowered to Eighteen
The legal drinking age has been debated over and over for years without any real progress. This issue has been deemed sensitive much of American’s society, but because children are expected to become more mature at an earlier age they should be allowed to make their own decisions when it comes to drinking. The drinking age should be lowered to eighteen because at that age those who are once thought of as children are now legally considered to be adults, teenagers will drink regardless of the age requirement, and if lowered teens will be able to drink in restricted areas rather than sneaking out and increasing their chances of getting into danger.
The prohibition act in the 1920s was initially utilized to ban drinking in America. But all that resulted was an increase affinity for alcohol. Citizens have always and will continue to break laws such as during the 1920s when the act was created and even then after alcohol was completely illegal, citizens still found ways to get ahold of the substance. They attempted prohibition in the 1850s and again in the 1920s to help control irresponsible drinking problems but failed. It was revoked due to the fact that these laws could not be obligatory or forced. (“15 Reasons Why”). “The law didn’t work then and as we all know isn’t working now. It’s time for a change." (“15 Reasons Why”).

Alcohol is accessible to almost anyone, even teens. Teen's main source of getting alcohol is through their friends or even family members. (“What Youth Say”). People drink for all the same reasons. They drink to relieve stress, for the after effect, out of curiosity, or even due to peer pressure. (“Why Do Peop...

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...rdless of the drinking age, and if lowered teens will be able to drink in restricted controlled areas rather than sneaking out and increasing their chance of getting hurt. At this age by law a person is allowed to do many things such as join the military, get married, become an organ donor etc. yet you cannot have a sip of alcohol. Teens will find ways to get it and will drink more for one occasion due to the fact that they do not have easy access. (“15 Reasons Why”). “Almost 80% of high school students have tried alcohol”. (Kids Health- the”). Because of this it would make sense to make it legal for eighteen year olds, an adult to be able to consume alcohol and it would even be safer for them because they would be allowed into controlled areas such as bars, and restaurants rather than hiding it from a higher authority. It would benefit the lives of young adults.
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