Essay On Love Marriage

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At a time when divorce rates are at an all-time high, and a marriage having no full guarantee that it will succeed or last; I often ask myself why many people invest so much in extravagant and fairy-tale weddings? Currently, the divorce rate in the United States is alarmingly high, with 50 percent of married couples filing for divorce. Despite the high divorce rates, many couples are spending on a single day’s event, the equivalent of the gross yearly income of an average American. I mean, why not opt for the option of having a simple, standard church wedding; a couple can always have that. After all someone with a common sense of finance, would know that it is not wise to invest so heavily in something you are not entirely sure will be a…show more content…
Couples think that for the audience i.e. the relatives and friends, how elaborate a wedding is signifies to them the importance or devotion of the groom and bride towards the marriage and its sustainability. It is due to this, that love marriages cost more than arranged marriages. In love marriages, the couples do their best to display their commitment towards the marriage by means of lavish marital events. This was certainly the case in the Indian love marriage, wedding event that I attended a while back. In the case of arranged marriages, there is no particular devotion between a couple for each other at the moment of marriage but just a legal commitment. Therefore, this explains why arranged marriages cost significantly less than love marriages. In arranged marriages, the devotion or love between the groom and bride develops after marriage and usually progresses over time. Due to the need to express their intense devotion towards each other and show it off, a couple indulges in excessive spending for their wedding events by means of having fairy-tale and extravagant destination weddings, as was again the case of another Indian love wedding that I attended a few years back. At the same time, the couple completely disregards the current, high divorce rates and does not think about the sustainability of the marriage, but just focuses on the event that initiates the marriage
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